Connect with Visionary Leaders in Investment and Development at Djibouti's Premier Forum

The Forum is crafted to facilitate collaboration and deal-making, featuring expert-led plenary sessions and targeted panel discussions on Djibouti's investment opportunities. Networking events, workshops, and one-on-one interactions with decision-makers are integral, along with tools for investing and de-risking projects. Attendees are invited to tour Djibouti's significant port and the scenic Moucha Islands, showcasing the country's strategic assets and natural beauty, with a potential to observe humpback whales.

Day 0 - Welcome and Cocktail Reception

Sunday, May 12th 2024

  • Networking Cocktail, Sponsored by IFC, at the Djibouti Exhibition Centre (by Escale Hotel)

Day 1 - Unlocking Investment Opportunities in Djibouti

Monday, May 13th 2024



Registration, Networking, Coffee


Plenary Hall

Event MC: Ms. Hannane Ferdjani, Journalist

Local artist performance

Welcome Address

Introduction to the event and its mission to foster economic growth through strategic investments, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and global partnerships in unlocking Djibouti's potential.


Opening Remarks

H.E Ilyas Moussa Dawaleh, Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning, emphasizing Djibouti's geopolitical significance and the government's dedication to economic development.


Presidential Remarks

H.E. Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti, highlighting his 2035 Vision and the country's commitment to creating an attractive investment climate.

Faciliated by Mr. Zyad Limam, Founder and Managing Director, Afrique Magazine


The Global Perspective: Africa and The World

We open this segment with a high-level view from Mr. Charlie Robertson, on the geopolitical landscape in Africa and in the region, unpacking the role of collaborative strategies between countries to accelerate growth and how regional economic zones support this. Dr. Donald Kaberuka will discuss the global geopolitical landscape and how Africa can position itself strategically to be in a position of strength to accelerate growth.

Facilitated by: Ms. Hannane Ferdjani, Journalist


Focusing on Djibouti

Mr. Youssouf Moussa Dawaleh, President of Chamber of Commerce for Djibouti and Dr Mohamed Ashraf Iqbal, Chairman, Waafi Bank will walk audiences through Djibouti's readiness for investments sharing how 'Djibouti is Open for Business'.

Facilitated by Mr. Omar Ben Yedder, Publisher, African Business Magazine


Connecting Continents: Djibouti's Ports as Global Trade Gateways

A 1-1 fireside chat with Mr. Aboubaker Omar Hadi, Chairman, DPFZA and GHIH, who will update audiences in conversation on Djibouti's ports and logistics.

Faciliated by Mr. Zyad Limam, Founder and Managing Director, Afrique Magazine


Coffee and Networking Break


SPOTLIGHT: Ground-breaking Innovation and Technology – A spotlight on Liquidstar, presented by Scott Salandy Defour, Co-Founder Liquidstar

Pilot Project in Djibouti, the first of its kind globally. A US backed and USAID supported project, leveraging AI and micro data centres to make off grid projects more sustainable by having the micro data centre act as an anchor buyer of the electricity generated by the Waypoint.

On the AI front they have recently successfully tested a locally hosted large language model that acts as a teacher's assistant at the school in Kalaf.


Co-Investing in Africa: Pan-African Institutional Investors Viewpoint – Why Africa is ripe with investment opportunities

This session delves into the exciting, yet complex realm of co-investing in Africa, exploring the unparalleled opportunities that the continent presents for institutional investors. The session further unpacks co-investing as a catalyst for establishing robust capital markets and the partnerships between DFIs, private investors and government, in amplifying the impact of investments.

Moderator: Ms. Hannane Ferdjani, Journalist

Keynote Address: Mr. Obaid Amrane, Chairman of the IFSWF and ASIF, Chief Executive Officer, Ithmar (Moroccan Sovereign Wealth Fund)



Room 1
Lunch Served

Lunch and Networking Break
SWF Panel Discussion Luncheon (By Invite)

10X’ing Investments into the Horn of Africa Panel Discussion: The role of Sovereign Wealth Funds – Lessons from Leading African SWFs

This session unpacks the transformative impact of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) in amplifying investments and will spotlight a compelling case study examining the strategies and successes of the most impactful Sovereign Wealth Funds on the African continent.

The panel will analyse the pivotal role these funds have played in driving economic growth, fostering stability, and attracting global investments. Through an in-depth exploration of real-world case studies, participants will gain valuable insights into the mechanisms employed by successful African SWFs to catalyse sustainable development and position their respective nations as prime investment destinations.

Discussion led by Dr. Slim Feriani, Chief Executive Officer, Djibouti Sovereign Wealth Fund

Opening Remarks:

  • Mme. Safia Mohamed Ali Gadileh, Secrétaire d’État des Investissements et du Développement



Breakaway Session 1 - Technology, Connectivity & Data Centres

Plenary Hall

Moderator: Mr. Omar Ben Yedder, Publisher, African Business

Sequence 1: Case Study

Case study on Djibouti's data centre by Wingu Africa. The Wingu.Africa data centre is the first and only carrier neutral data centre facility in East Africa with access to all major international fibre optic systems connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions with Africa.

Sequence 2: Panel Discussion - Digital Economies and Fintech

This discussion will expand on the model for developing digital economies, cashless societies and successes of fintech giants on the continent who are shaping inclusion, boosting economic activity and migrating more and more emerging markets to cashless transacting.

Sequence 3: Presentation

Breakaway Session 2 - Energy and Renewable Resources

Room 1

Moderator: Mr. Abdishakur Ahmed, Country Lead, Power Africa EECA

Sequence 1: In Conversation (15min with Q&A)

Overview of Djibouti's energy sector and the geothermal energy project.

Sequence 2: Panel Discussion - Driving for Solutions

This is an open discussion session bringing renewable energy experts to discuss solutions for Djibouti to establish alternative energy generating sources and infrastructure, reducing its reliance on imported electricity.


Plenary - Deepening Financial Markets

Plenary Hall

Sequence 1: In Conversation (15min with Q&A)

Presentation of Djibouti's capital markets by the Djibouti Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Sequence 2: In Conversation

A country-based case study of Malaysia's successful model for structuring deep capital markets and thriving financial services.

Sequence 3: Panel Discussion - Driving for Solutions

This discussion draws from practical examples (default rates; risk premium; policies) on capital market structures. This session explores policy frameworks, regulatory enhancements, and innovative approaches to foster vibrant and resilient capital markets, driving economic growth and attracting global investments.


Wrap up of Day

MC will give a summary of the day's proceedings, sharing key highlights from the day.


Gala Dinner, Sponsored by CAC Bank, at the Ayla Grand Hotel, Djibouti City

Day 2 - Djibouti Investor Day

Tuesday, May 14th 2024



Breakaway Session 1 - Agro-processing at Port

Plenary Hall

Moderator: Ms. Vanessa Adams, Founder and MD, Level4International

Sequence 1: Case Study (15min with Q&A)

Ports agro-processing and success stories

Sequence 2: Panel Discussion - Driving for Solutions

This session will discuss how Djibouti can leverage its strategic location in the agro-processing and fisheries value-chain. Speaker will discuss how efficient logistics and strategic access to Middle Eastern and African markets can unlock opportunities for transforming agriculture.

Breakaway Session 2 - Ports and Logistics

Room 2

Moderator: Ms. Hannane Ferdjani, Journalist

Sequence 1: Project Showcase (15min with Q&A)

Exploration of Djibouti's strategic location in global trade and logistics. This presentation is an information sharing avenue to understand the success of Djibouti’s ports sector.

Sequence 2: Panel Discussion - Driving for Solutions

This is an open discussion session bringing infrastructure experts to deliberate on solutions Djibouti can implement to accelerate infrastructure development, financing vehicles, and policy structures to facilitate this. At the table are construction companies, DFIs, private capital investors, government representatives.




A Macroeconomic Lens on Africa

Presentation on the current macroeconomic trends globally and in Africa, honing in on Djibouti.


SPOTLIGHT: Future Africa

Plenary Hall

  1. Spotlight Timbuktoo: Presented by Ms. Natalie Payida Jabangwe, Executive Secretary, Timbuktoo

  2. Spotlight Tourism: Presented by Mr. Samba Bathily, Founder, ADS Group


Innovative Horizons: Navigating Emerging Trends for Investor Success

This session looks at the global and continent’s investment landscape, unpacking innovative solutions for capital deployment across Africa.

Moderator: Mr. Omar Ben Yedder, Publisher, African Business

Sequence 1: The Investor Take

Fireside Chat: South-South Investments

Sequence 2: Panel Discussion - Global Investment Sentiment


SME Financing in Africa

Africa's SMEs are at the forefront of driving innovation and entrepreneurship. With the adoption of digital technologies and increased connectivity, these enterprises are leveraging innovative solutions to address local challenges and meet the evolving needs of their communities. Whether it's developing mobile applications for financial inclusion or embracing sustainable practices in agriculture, SMEs are playing a pivotal role in shaping a more resilient and inclusive economy.

Moderator: Ms. Hannane Ferdjani, Journalist



Closing Fireside Chat

Plenary Hall

Sequence 1: Closing with Dr. Slim Feriani and Mr. Charlie Robertson


Lunch and Departure to Site Visit or B2B Opportunities


Departure to Project Site Visit (one of the below):

  1. PORTS - Expansion of the Doraleh Multipurpose Port then visit to PK23
  2. PORTS - Expansion of the Doraleh Multipurpose Port then visit to Damerjog
  3. DATA CENTERES - Visit to the new Wingu CLS and Datacentre
  4. TOURISM - Exploration of the country's tourism potential - visit to the Moucha Islands