Why Attend

Join a global audience of like minded professionals at the Djibouti Investment Forum. This by-invitation only event has been designed to bring targeted and high level decision makers to help strengthen collaboration and unlock investment opportunities. With an impressive high-level roster of invited speakers, the Djibouti Forum will provide key insights for your business and you will keep your finger on the pulse of the latest investment trends and developments, and gain unrivalled access to senior government officials, key business leaders and companies in a number of strategic sectors for the continent. The Forum is a unique platform for industry leaders, policymakers, and investors to come together and explore the vast investment potential of Djibouti's key sectors from tourism to logistics.

The Power of Ports:

Situated at the crossroads of major shipping routes, Djibouti's world-class ports are critical links in global trade routes. The Forum offers an opportunity to share insights into how investments in Djibouti's ports can drive economic growth, enhance logistics, and facilitate international trade.

Investing for Tomorrow:

The event will delve into Djibouti's key sectors in greater detail, including logistics, energy, telecommunications, and tourism, and the lucrative investment opportunities that they present.

Uniting Continents:

Djibouti serves as a gateway to both neighbouring countries on the African continent and the Middle East. The Forum will showcase the unique investment opportunities that this presents, including the potential for cross-border collaborations and investments, and fostering economic integration.

A World of Contacts:

The event promises extensive networking opportunities, connecting you with high-profile delegates, potential partners, and government officials from around the globe.

Economic Growth:

Djibouti's government is committed to creating a conducive environment for investors. The Forum will shed light on the progressive policies and initiatives aimed at facilitating foreign investments, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between investors and the host nation.