Photo of Jasmin Johnson

Jasmin Johnson

Executive Vice President, PEMANDU Associates

Jasmin is a transformation specialist with 18+ years of experience at the nexus of policy, strategy, and implementation. She has international development and government advisory experience in over 15 countries across Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Trained in public policy and economic development, she began her career with the World Bank and subsequently the United Nations secretariat in New York.

Jasmin’s first stint with the firm dates back to 2014, when PEMANDU Associates was the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in the Government of Malaysia. She served with the Education and Human Capital Development NKRA on a variety of national projects, including initiatives to strengthen early childhood education, special education, and women’s labour force participation, as well as revamping the National Service programme with the Ministry of Defence, and working with the High Speed Rail Corporation (MyHSR) as Head of Strategic Initiatives. She also has immense experience leading international projects for PEMANDU, including in South Africa, Oman, Tanzania, Russia, and India.

Prior to her return to PEMANDU Associates in 2023, Jasmin served as a policy and implementation advisor to various national governments, including the Office of the President of Sierra Leone, the government of the Solomon Islands, and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Bahamas.

Jasmin has a Masters degree in Public Policy from Harvard University, where she trained in political and economic development.