Photo of Frans VanSchaik

Frans VanSchaik

Chairman & CEO – African Asset Finance Company

Frans is the founding Chairman and CEO of African Asset Finance Company Inc (AAFC), the
Chair of AAFC subsidiary EASE Holdings BV and the founding CEO of Cathmere LLC, a
Securitization Fintech company incubated by AAFC. AAFC and Cathmere are Roha portfolio
companies, where Frans is a partner since 2014. He serves on the board member of several Roha
Group companies and Roha Portfolio companies, including Raxio Group and Arat Health.
Before Roha, Frans developed Tribute Capital in Nairobi, and was managing partner of
Logispring, a transatlantic PE and VC firm active in global industrial and supply chain markets,
until its acquisition by TNT. He served on the Board of numerous companies in the USA, Europe,
and Asia, ranging from businesses with revenues exceeding $1 billion to pre-revenue technology

Earlier, Frans was managing director of BC Industries, CEO of Rafino Holdings and a junior partner
with Gilde Investment Funds, after starting (and selling) three companies in corporate finance,
ICT, and in equipment leasing in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
Frans is a US citizen and has lived and worked in the USA, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and
Europe. He is equally comfortable in financial services and the ICT and software industry, as in
agri-business and the manufacturing and supply chain world.